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IPT Quiz - TPS IPT Quiz - TPS

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BawrF!!! I feel like I'm back in school! Another question and answer game?! Not fun. Not fun at all. Where is the sense of creativity. It's more like test taking. Why do I seem to think that doing something like this requires little to no effort. If I can give some advice try making a funny character come out and say or do something when you select an action in game. sigh..... I'm not a meanie so I'll give you a tip (if you get a question wrong make a character pull it's pants down, show the butt cheeks and make a laugh or fart sound.) That will definitely grab a players attention even if they don't even like the game. I tell ya if anyone of those game characters called me a sucker when I got a question wrong, my attention to the game would be held long enough that I would say "What? Let me sit here and play this darned thing!"

NFL-3:Loader-3 NFL-3:Loader-3

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Sorry, bro but as far as creativity, this game sucks. It has some educational application but it's too boring to even sit through. I think it was rushed and I doubt anyone would really want to play this game in their spare time. No wow factor means no buzz. Take some time to make something that is fun. The question and answer theme is too generic.

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fiuplink responds:

Hi "Bawrf". I undrestand you. I think new version will blow your mind with completly new style and motion animations. that means it is pending that you wanted. You will love my new game on same genre. after all thankyou for play this game.